The Journal of the Society for Clinical Data Management, is the society’s open access, peer-reviewed publication. The mission of JSCDM is to promote and publish scholarly work with direct relevance to the practice of Informatics and Data Science in clinical research. Articles of interest include reports of original research, review articles, design manuscripts, case studies, demonstration projects, education and professional development, and topic briefs including tutorials and perspectives. 

JSCDM fills a gap in the biomedical literature by publishing the science and operations behind data collection and use in clinical studies. The journal seeks articles describing the development, application, evaluation and improvement of methods and tools to be applied in the design, conduct and reporting of and sharing data and resources from clinical studies.

The primary audience for JSCDM is the large community of professionals in industry and academe collecting, managing and using data in clinical studies. Additional readers include professionals in the broader clinical research community, those who are involved in the planning and conduct of clinical research including regulatory professionals, research sponsors, care providers and the general public, as well as researchers developing or evaluating methods for data handling and use in all stages of the clinical study lifecycle. JSCDM complies with International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICJME) recommendations to ensure rigorously produced content for readers.

For more information, contact the JSCDM Chief Editor, Claudine Moore, CCDM or the Editorial Coordinator Sara Gillespie at the JSCDM Editorial Office: Jscdm@scdm.org