[Attempts at] Solving the Interoperability Conundrum

Samir Jain and Samir Jain

2024-02-13 Digital First

Basic Data Structure for Hierarchical Composite Endpoints: An Application to Kidney Disease Trials

Samvel B Gasparyan , Nicole Major , Christoffer Bäckberg , Srivathsa Ravikiran , Parag Wani and Martin Karpefors

2024-02-08 Digital First

Interoperability of Leigh Syndrome Patient Registry Data with Regulatory Submission Standards

Parag Shiralkar , Pallavi Bakare , Kasey Woleben and Sophia Zilber

2024-01-29 Digital First

The Role of Predictive Models in Managing Operation Risk and Workload in Clinical Trial

Sina Djali

2024-01-24 Digital First

The Endpoints Dataset: A Quality Control Method for Review and Analysis of Critical Efficacy Endpoints Data

Timothy Edward Breen and Adelai U Neal

2024-01-09 Digital First

Best Practice Recommendations for Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment Data Changes

Patricia Shepherd Delong , Demian Humler , Tom Haag , Alan Yeomans , Jonathan Andrus , Sonya Eremenco , Ashley Finan , Jonathon Gable , Derek Gilfillan , Cindy Howry , Scottie Kern , Scott Lesniewski , Kelly Simpliciano , Hannah Staunton , Jess Turnbull , Christina Workman and Stephen Raymond

2023-12-14 Digital First

Exploration on Standardization of Clinical Research Data in a Clinical Trial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Li Qingna , Rui Gao , Zhao Yang , Fang Lu and Xu Hao

2023-12-13 Digital First

Introduction: Special Issue on Clinical Data Sharing

Catherine K Craven , Brian Jackson and Tony Solomonides

2023-11-08 Winter 2023 - Special Issue on Clinical Data Sharing

Cosmos: Real-World Data Powered by the Healthcare Community

Andrea Noel and Kersten Bartelt

2023-11-08 Winter 2023 - Special Issue on Clinical Data Sharing

Geographic Information Systems as Data Sharing Infrastructure for Clinical Data Warehouses

Daniel R Harris

2023-11-08 Winter 2023 - Special Issue on Clinical Data Sharing